Get your gib project started quickly and finished on time. Our skilled team will take good care of both small and large gib projects. We have gib stoppers who specialise in small jobs, from fixing a few holes to stopping a bathroom or renovation. We also have larger teams to complete whole houses.

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“We started PBF in 2007 after I’d been working in the industry since the late 80s. Today, our senior management team has about 150 years of collective experience, including specialists from each of our three trades – painting, gib fixing and gib stopping.

I’m proud to see the whole team practice the values PBF was founded on, including good communication and delivering what we promise.”

Owner – Arjen Bloem


For most gib stopping (interior plastering) projects, we can give you a quote on the same day you call us, and start the job in 1-3 days.

Enjoy the results of quality gib fixing. We carefully follow best practices, ensuring crack resistance and a long-lasting finish.

Give your rooms a more elegant feel and improve your property’s value with plaster coves and gib coves.

Maintain the authentic character and style of your home by having our experts match your new cornices to the existing cornices and ceiling domes.


The finish standard we use in your home is put together to ensure a lasting high quality finish. We base the standard on recommendations by the Association of Ceiling and Wallboard Industries of New Zealand and AS/NZ 2589:2007 Standard for Gypsum lining application and Finishing. We also work closely with technical specialists from our suppliers to maintain current best practice.

To maintain our standards and support other businesses in doing the same we are active members of the Association of Wallboard and Ceiling Industries Association. We are also the only New Zealand company to be a member of the AWCIA and a member of the New Zealand Masterpainters Association. We are also Associate members of the New Zealand Masterbuilders Association.


Roof Paint And Roof Painting Tips

Roof Paint and Roof Painting Tips

Homeowners and property managers would know that maintenance of the roof is just as important as any other part of a building. Painting the roof not only keeps the whole building in good condition, but also ensures the longevity of the property. Ideally, the roof of a house should be re-painted at least once every five years or so. This maintenance approach keeps the roof in perfect condition and also ensures that minor issues such leaks and rust are easily identified and taken care of with minimal cost to the owner.

While there is no denying the fact that roofs of both commercial as well as residential properties need regular painting, factors like type of paint, time of painting the building and solvents also affect the longevity of the property. In this article we will discuss the top things to keep in mind while painting the roof of a building.

1. Choose the right paint: If you have decided to paint the roof of your house or building, bear in mind that there is a specific pa

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PBF Paints Remuera’s Oldest Home

PBF Paints Remuera's oldest home

We recently had the honour of re-painting one the oldest homes in Remuera.

Mainston Mansion was built in 1853 by the then soon to be superintendent of Auckland Mr Robert Graham.

Mr Graham was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1820 fifth so of a farmer and coalmine owner. After coming to New Zealand at age 20 he and his brother founded businesses in Russel and in Auckland later buying and buying land in Waiwera.

Mr Graham purchased the 500 acres on which it stood between Remuera Rd and Panmure Rd,  including Saint Johns. He founded Ellerslie and sold the land that is now the Ellerslie race course.

Interestingly Ladies Mile was likely named as being the route Lady Graham took on her way to the races.

Mr Graham is was one of New Zealand’s most remarkable statesman of that era with many historical contributions to the greater Auckland region and beyond.

Mr Graham was well regarded by local Maori and was know to have negotiated a peace treaty between Maori from Taupo and Rotor

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PBF Masterpainters Return To 2017 Westpac  Awards

PBF Masterpainters return to 2017 Westpac Awards

Local painting company PBF made it through the first round of competition going to finals at the Westpac North Business Awards this week.

The company went through for their nomination in the “Excellence In Marketing” category.

After winning “Excellence In Customer Service Delivery” last year the management team decided they would enter again in this years awards.

The art of marketing is not just about advertising, it includes the crafting of your specific offering to suit a clients needs. The company also added on services like a maintenance builder. The main focus of the marketing strategy was to create a customer experience that would foster referral business.

The company also entered in the “Employer Of The Year Category” on this occasion they did not survive the first round. Owner Arjen Bloem said “…this years result is bitter sweet. We are certainly grateful for recognition of our marketing work. We consider our performance as an employer is our highest priority. We

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Thanks again to Dave and the boys for a great job; this is now the third time that we have used your excellent Gib stopping services. Douglas Russell

Gib Fixing and Gib Stopping “I would like to endorse the Plasterboard Finishing team for future work. I have been using them since 2007, when I met Arjen and the team. Arjen priced a very...

Gib Stoppers We received great service from PBF. We had a small job, filling three plate-sized holes in a ceiling. Linden did a perfect job, there is no sign of the original holes. He was...

Gib Stoppers “PBF have worked for me for several years and have given me fantastic service. Our work is often outside of hours and difficult. Arjen is always happy to work within a tight deadlines...