10 Things You Must Know About Roof Maintenance

10 Things You Must Know About Roof Maintenance

Though taking care of your entire building should be your priority, roof maintenance and repair is what should come at the top of the list. Why? Because the roof endures substantial wear and tear as a result of different weather conditions. Inclement weather such as high temperature, heavy rain and strong wind can seriously affect the stability of a roof structure over a period of time.

Often, people ignore roof maintenance and as a result end up spending a lot more on roof replacement. This can be easily avoided by homeowners through a little care at their end, which’ll help them avoid those expensive replacement costs later on.

Below are 10 things to help you with roof maintenance:

#1 Perform regular roof inspections
Regular inspection helps in identifying potential issues quickly and lets you take proper remedial action in order to avoid headaches later on. Merely observing your roof after every season can help you identify possible issues. Watch out for thingss such as

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Roof Paint And Roof Painting Tips

Roof Paint and Roof Painting Tips

Homeowners and property managers would know that maintenance of the roof is just as important as any other part of a building. Painting the roof not only keeps the whole building in good condition, but also ensures the longevity of the property. Ideally, the roof of a house should be re-painted at least once every five years or so. This maintenance approach keeps the roof in perfect condition and also ensures that minor issues such leaks and rust are easily identified and taken care of with minimal cost to the owner.

While there is no denying the fact that roofs of both commercial as well as residential properties need regular painting, factors like type of paint, time of painting the building and solvents also affect the longevity of the property. In this article we will discuss the top things to keep in mind while painting the roof of a building.

1. Choose the right paint: If you have decided to paint the roof of your house or building, bear in mind that there is a specific pa

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PBF Paints Remuera’s Oldest Home

PBF Paints Remuera's oldest home

We recently had the honour of re-painting one the oldest homes in Remuera.

Mainston Mansion was built in 1853 by the then soon to be superintendent of Auckland Mr Robert Graham.

Mr Graham was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1820 fifth so of a farmer and coalmine owner. After coming to New Zealand at age 20 he and his brother founded businesses in Russel and in Auckland later buying and buying land in Waiwera.

Mr Graham purchased the 500 acres on which it stood between Remuera Rd and Panmure Rd,  including Saint Johns. He founded Ellerslie and sold the land that is now the Ellerslie race course.

Interestingly Ladies Mile was likely named as being the route Lady Graham took on her way to the races.

Mr Graham is was one of New Zealand’s most remarkable statesman of that era with many historical contributions to the greater Auckland region and beyond.

Mr Graham was well regarded by local Maori and was know to have negotiated a peace treaty between Maori from Taupo and Rotor

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PBF Masterpainters Return To 2017 Westpac  Awards

PBF Masterpainters return to 2017 Westpac Awards

Local painting company PBF made it through the first round of competition going to finals at the Westpac North Business Awards this week.

The company went through for their nomination in the “Excellence In Marketing” category.

After winning “Excellence In Customer Service Delivery” last year the management team decided they would enter again in this years awards.

The art of marketing is not just about advertising, it includes the crafting of your specific offering to suit a clients needs. The company also added on services like a maintenance builder. The main focus of the marketing strategy was to create a customer experience that would foster referral business.

The company also entered in the “Employer Of The Year Category” on this occasion they did not survive the first round. Owner Arjen Bloem said “…this years result is bitter sweet. We are certainly grateful for recognition of our marketing work. We consider our performance as an employer is our highest priority. We

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Customer Focus Pays Off For Auckland Business

Customer focus pays off for Auckland business

Auckland painting and gib stopping company PBF has picked up another award, this time for its top-notch customer service.

PBF (Paint and Plasterboard Finishing) won ‘excellence in customer service delivery’ in the north Auckland category of the prestigious Westpac Auckland Business Awards. More than 120 businesses entered the awards, which were announced in September at Westlake Boys High School, Takapuna.

The customer service award acknowledges PBF’s detailed guarantee, which specifies a high standard of customer service. Company owner Arjen Bloem says an important part of the guarantee is that he and his team sit down and review customer feedback every month. “Going through our customer feedback is really important to us. It highlights any changes we might need to make, or mistakes we can avoid in the future.”

“The best part is these reviews keep our team focussed on providing excellent customer service.”

The eight-year-old business, which employs 14 painters and five gib stoppers, has built a reputation for getting jobs done on time, without taking shortcuts. As a result, much of PBF’s work is repeat business or comes from the recommendations of happy clients, says Bloem. “Thanks to our clients’ referrals to friends, family and neighbours, we’ve been privileged to complete jobs at multiple addresses on the same street.” It’s been a big year for the fast-growing business, which was recently crowned Residential Master Painter of the Year at the 2016 Master Painter Awards.

Bloem has already set his sights on an ambitious new goal of winning employer of the year at Westpac’s 2017 awards. “We’re incredibly proud of our staff and our success this year is entirely due to the quality of our team,” he says. “It seems only fair to reinvest our resources into making PBF an even better place to work.”

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PBF Wins Highly Commended At National Master Painter Awards

PBF wins highly commended at National Master Painter Awards

Hard work pays off for Auckland Master Painter Gib stopper PBF

Fast-growing Auckland business PBF is celebrating success after picking up a podium finish at New Zealand’s premier painting awards.

Its high standard of workmanship and top-quality finish has earned PBF (Paint and Plasterboard Finishing) a highly commended award at the Master Painters Awards 2015.

Company owner Arjen Bloem says taking out second place in the ‘Residential Interior Under-$25,000’ category is a great place to start in PBF’s first year entering the awards.

Master-Painters-Award-Auckland-1PBF Management team Daniel Arian, Arjen Bloem and Bryan Swainson (left to right) with the award.

“We’re thrilled to have this recognition. Second place might not be so good if you’re the All Blacks, but to take the highly commended award at the Master Painters Awards is really significant.”

There are currently 126 companies registered as Master Painters in Auckland and only three of these received an award this year.

Bloem says his eight-year-old business, which employs 14 painters, and 5 Gib stoppers strives to produce the highest quality finish by providing top training and efficient systems.

“One of the things we’re best known for is our unique 15-year guarantee paint finish. With the high cost of scaffolding, that offer gives clients great piece of mind and actually works out cheaper in annual costs because it outlasts the standard New Zealand paint finish by seven or eight years.”

PBF has close to 3,000 satisfied clients, mostly in the central Auckland suburbs of Herne Bay, Remuera, St Helliers and Devonport. It was invited to joint the Auckland Masterpainters in 2011.

Remuera-Interior-Auckland-Master-PainterHighly commended Master Painters Award 2015

The company takes a long-term approach to its service and strives to deliver a first-rate product. That means much of its business is repeat work or comes from the recommendations of happy clients.

“From project manager to apprentice, our whole team is committed to looking after our clients,” Bloem explains. “We sometimes end up completing five or six jobs on the same street because satisfied clients recommend us to their neighbours.”

Apart from taking a few moments to celebrate their award, the team at PBF are back to business as usual.

“Our objective remains the same – to continue improving our product and maintaining a high level of client satisfaction,” Bloem says.

Be sure to keep an eye out for PBF at next year’s Master Painters Awards.

“I’m confident you’ll see us back on the podium in coming years. It would certainly be a nice bonus for us to take first place next year.

Its annual are in their seventh year and were presented at a black-tie dinner and gala ceremony in Wellington on June 21.

Article written by Ben Chapman-Smith

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Auckland Central Property Press Cover Page

Auckland Central Property Press Cover Page

These Epsom houses were completed by PBF in April 2011. PBFs’ involvement included installing plasterboard to stopping to a high level 4 finish before the interior was painted by the PBF painting team.

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North Shore Property Press Cover Page

North Shore property Press cover page

This unique Milford house was featured in June North Shore Property press in June. PBF completed the home late 2010.

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Newmarket Renovation Features In Business North Publication

Newmarket renovation features in Business North publication

This Newmarket / Remuera renovation was completed April 2011. The renovation demonstrates what can be achieved with modernisation and extension of a solid existing home.

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Highly Commended Award

Highly Commended Award

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Masterbuilder Awards

Masterbuilder awards

Our specialists teams have been involved with projects winning no less than 5 masterbuilder awards between 2010-2011.

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Avoid Gib Fixing Disasters

Avoid Gib fixing disasters

Gib fixing disasters can be avoided by selecting competent Gib fixers ….Every now and then we receive a call from a homeowner who is desperately unhappy with the Gib Plasterboard finish in their home. The complaint is that they can see cracks or humps in their gib board wall or ceilings and they cannot get the previous gib fixer company back (or do not wish to).

A typical scenario is that I or my specialist Gib fixer project manager inspects the property and makes a number of recommendations.

To correct visible plasterboard joins or cracks recommended remedies usually require Gib fixing and Gib stopping or skimming work to reduce the appearance of the defects. In many cases the gib fixer need to fix the gib again (after gib board is removed). In most cases this also means repainting the Gib board of that particular wall or ceiling.

The main cause of these failures is normally that the gib fixer, builders or architect has failed to give due consideration to AS/NZS2589; 2007 for Plasterboard installation or best practice for gib fixing according to plasterboard manufacturers.

The work of an Auckland Gib fixer simple enough however if it is a long lasting quality finish you need there are many factors that need to be considered here is an outline. Failing comply with one or more of these is likely to result if ongoing plasterboard problems.

Gib fixer disasters can be minimised by following these Gib fixing steps

*Each one of these remedies requires repainting.

These issues are covered in detail in AS/NZS2589; 2007 for Plasterboard installation (gib fixing) and AS/NZS 2311:2000 for painting. Except for a pre-lining moisture testing requirement these issues are not part of council requirements.

Also please read Gib fixer rules 1-4 these are the finer points related to longevity and issues of glancing light and finish quality.

Gib fixing considerations written by Arjen Bloem managing director of Plasterboard Finishing PBF and Auckland Gib Fixer and gib stopping company. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us by completing this contact form or please feel free to call me direct on Auckland 09 5206616.

Why not call us now to discuss your gib fixer project or check for more information on our Gib fixers

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