Enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting finish for years to come, with the security of a written guarantee. Because we don’t take shorcuts and back our work 100%, we’re willing to put not only our reputation on the line but our money too. If we do occasionally have to put something right, you can be sure we’ll be accountable.

Gib fixing and stopping guarantee

Your gib fixing and gib stopping job comes with a 10-year written guarantee on workmanship, based on the recommendations in the Master Builder defect schedule for paint and plasterboard finish.

You can have peace of mind knowing your renovation has been completed using only the highest-quality materials, and installed according to strict specifications.
All our work is carefully documented according to our quality assurance checklist. We don’t take shortcuts, and as a result you’ll enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting finish and an increase in your property value.

Painting guarantee

If you also require painting to complete your project, you receive a 5-year guarantee for the paintwork. You can be assured that your property is backed by the best guarantee in the business.

In on time, out on time guarantee

You can have confidence your project will be started and completed in the agreed timeframe. Our team is 100% committed to being in on time, out on time – every time.

To discuss your gib fixing or gib stopping project, contact us today.



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