North Shore Property Press Cover Page

North Shore property Press cover page

This unique Milford house was featured in June North Shore Property press in June. PBF completed the home late 2010....
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Newmarket Renovation Features In Business North Publication

Newmarket renovation features in Business North publication

This Newmarket / Remuera renovation was completed April 2011. The renovation demonstrates what can be achieved with modernisation and extension of a solid existing home....
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Highly Commended Award

Highly Commended Award

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Masterbuilder Awards

Masterbuilder awards

Our specialists teams have been involved with projects winning no less than 5 masterbuilder awards between 2010-2011....
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Avoid Gib Fixing Disasters

Avoid Gib fixing disasters

Gib fixing disasters can be avoided by selecting competent Gib fixers ….Every now and then we receive a call from a homeowner who is desperately unhappy with the Gib Plasterboard finish in their hom...
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Gib Stopper Disasters

Gib stopper disasters

Gib stopping disasters are much more common that you may think……you can ask any builder they will tell you that let that less than one in four Gib stoppers produce a worthwhile gib board finish, l...
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Gib Stoppers; What To Expect When Skimming Walls

Gib Stoppers; What to expect when Skimming walls

Gib Stoppers what to expect when Skimming walls: Find out how more about having walls skim coated in your home. Read the correct procedures and what to expect when using a specialist skimming service ...
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Four Essential Laws Of Gib Stopping

Four essential laws of gib stopping

Gib Fixer Rules These rules of gib fixing are fundamental to creating a longer-lasting, better looking finish. Understanding these simple rules will help you find a quality gib fixer, because you’ll...
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