Whether your project is big or small, using a skilled gib stopper (interior plasterer) ensures a high-quality result that will last for years to come. Our Auckland gib stopping team is recognised for delivering on our word and being in on time, out on time – every time. Our comprehensive quality assurance checklist means every detail of your project will be carefully completed and documented by our experienced team.

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We have five full-time gib stoppers who specialise in small jobs, from mending a few holes to stopping a bathroom, kitchen or small renovation. Our team is always happy to deliver a quick turnaround which means less hassle for you. We can usually give a gib stopping quote on the same day you call us, and start within several days. If your job is bigger, we have larger teams available to get whole houses finished in good time.

Plastering for large projects is done by PBF’s ‘supply fix and stop’ team. Having the skills of several trades in one team saves you time and effort. You can have gib plasterboard installed and stopped, and then painted by PBF’s independently certified Master Painters, without juggling multiple companies. Of course, you can still choose to use our team for gib stopping only. We’ll ensure your job is completed in good time. Even bigger homes (350m2 and up) can usually be finished in two to three weeks.

Skim coating is a technique used to create smooth surfaces, usually where plasterboard has been damaged by wallpaper removal or mechanical damage. The plasterboard must be covered evenly with a specified number of thin coats of plaster and compound (usually at least two coats). It’s a time-consuming task that requires a high level of skill. Our team has several stoppers who specialise in skim coating. Like all our work, this is subject to our meticulous quality assurance checklist.

If you’re considering removing wallpaper yourself, talk to us first. In many cases, getting advice from your gib stopping specialist in the early stages of the project will save you considerable costs, not to mention many weekends of wallpaper stripping. Wallpaper stripping can be included as part of the quote for your gib stopping and house painting package. Get in touch today to discuss the wallpaper stripping process with one of our Auckland gib stopping specialists.


Incorrect gib fixing is unsightly, more likely to crack and can be costly to fix. That’s why it’s important to choose a gib fixer with proven experience in high-quality work. And remember, there is currently no trade registration for gib fixers so do your homework before hiring.

Unfortunately, there are a number of important issues related to gib fixing that are generally not considered by most architects and builders, or even some gib fixers themselves. To make sure best practice is followed for your project, we strongly recommend getting one of our gib fixing specialists to visit your site early on in the project. With their advice and insight, you’ll be able to avoid costly problems.
Many gib fixing failures are a result of not following the correct specifications for plasterboard installation (AS/NZS 2589: 2007). These issues often relate to gib board layout with respect to framing and ceiling battens. During an initial visit, our specialist will discuss ceiling batten layout for your project. It’s highly likely they’ll recommend steel ceiling battens, as these are much more stable than timber battens.

We can install steel ceiling battens as part of your gib fixing package. This means you can relax and leave the hard work to us, and we can take responsibility for the substrate (underlying layer) to which your plasterboard is fixed. This in turn means we’ll be better able to create a long-lasting, high-quality finish. Call us today to discuss your gib fixing project.

The producer statement (PS3) is required as part of your building’s code of compliance.  When we do your gib fixing and gib stopping, you’ll be pleased to know our own Master Builder (licenced building practitioner) can sign off on the plasterboard fixing documentation. Please let us know if this is helpful and we will be sure to include it as part of your project plan (we can not do this retrospectively). Alternatively, your on-site builder may complete the PS3.

We recommend steel ceiling battens for most projects. Advantages of steel include improved straightness and long-term stability. Where sound rating is required, steel ceiling battens and sound rated clips are also an advantage.


Fibrous plaster cornice usually sits between the wall and the ceiling to cover the join. It can change the whole look of a room and add an elegant feel, and even improve the property value of your home.

These are plain, minimal and look great in a contemporary-style home. Coves can also be retrofitted in your existing home. Classic gib cove is available in 55mm, 75mm or 90mm.

Our experienced fibrous plaster cornice installers can fit these to existing or new homes. This adds a level of refinement not achieved with gib cove or timber mouldings. There are hundreds of fibrous plaster cornice mouldings in New Zealand homes, ranging from 90mm to 300mm. The styles can be very plain or with many steps or vertical patterns.

Fibrous plaster cornices can help maintain the authentic character of your home. During renovations of older homes, we can generally match the existing cornices and ceiling domes to ensure the original style of the building isn’t lost. Our fibrous plasterers (also know as fibrous stoppers) will need to remove a sample of your fibrous cornice to do a match. This requires a reasonable length of fibrous cornice that’s in good condition and removed in the correct way. When we try to match the fibrous cornice in your home, we may find it is no longer available. Not to worry – if this is the case, your fibrous cornice can be manufactured especially for your home. We can match almost any fibrous plaster cornice.

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Gib cove and fibrous cornice case study: Radio Works



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